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Visiting a new church can be overwhelming!  We know as we’ve been there before.  We created this page to help you prepare for your first visit to Christ Church to know exactly what to expect.

Our leading service is called Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion). It is celebrated at our 8:00 AM service without music, known as a “said service.” Music is an essential part of our worship at our 10:00 AM celebration on Sundays or other special Christian days such as Christmas and Easter.

While some parts of the services are always the same, others change.  At the Holy Eucharist, for example, three Bible selections are read.  These change each Sunday.  So do the psalms.  Specific prayers also adjust to provide variety.  Page numbers for parts of the service printed elsewhere in the Book are usually announced or given in the service bulletin.  But do not be embarrassed to ask your neighbor for the page number.

You will find the services of the Anglican Church beautiful in their ordered dignity, God-centered, and yet mindful of the nature and needs of human beings.  Whether you’re new to church and faith, or a longtime Jesus-follower, we have a place for you.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions when considering a visit to Christ Church:

Service Times and Location

8 AM Sunday

10 AM Sunday



When you enter the church parking lot, you will see a special parking spot reserved for our guests. This space is straight back to the left as you enter the parking lot. You can also identify them by looking for green and white visitor signs spaces.

Entering the Building

When you enter, the ushers will greet you, and if you desire, they will answer your questions about the service. You will be given a booklet along with your bulletin, which is our liturgy or order of worship. This booklet will help you follow along and participate in our service. 

In our lobby, you will also find our “Visitor Table.” Please sign our guest register and feel free to read more about our church. There is also a free coffee mug at the table stuffed with goodies for you.

Upon entering the church sanctuary, it is the custom to sit quietly for prayer and meditation for personal preparation for worship. You are free to sit where you feel comfortable. With many Anglicans, it is also the custom to bow to the altar on entering and leaving the church as an act of reverence for Christ, yet this is not an expectation. 

When you enter the church one of our ushers will lead to our children’s room where there are activities for your kids to play and use before the service. When you enter the room you will see a sign that says Kid’s Check-in. The children’s team will register your children for the program. This will only take a few minutes. The children will start out with their parents at the start of the service and will leave after the readings and return for communion. Don’t worry the ushers and children’s team will help you through the service.

We take the safety and security of your children seriously. All of our ministry volunteers have been screened and background checked for safety. By registering your child we will have the information that we need to make sure your child is able to learn about God and Holy Scripture in a safe and worry-free environment. 

What’s a Service Like?

Our services typically last about 60 minutes.

Our worship service consists of two parts, the Service of the Word and the Service of the Sacrament. These two parts are equally important as the Word of God reveals Jesus and prepares us to receive Him in the Sacrament. 

  • The Procession and Acclamation We prepare our hearts for worship in quiet prayer and song. The minister’s process behind the cross, reverencing the cross because everything we do is under the Cross of Christ. The People may also bow their heads as the cross passes.
  • After a prayer known as the collect; there are lessons are read from Holy Scripture. A sermon is then given. In the Nicene Creed, a confession of faith is recited.
  • There are then the prayers of the people that allow us to bear one another’s burdens and join in others’ lives. Before Holy Communion, there is a confession of sins.
  • The service ends with Holy Communion also known as the Eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper. The visible signs of Communion are bread and wine, where the inward gift signified is the Body and Blood of Christ, which are truly taken and received in the Lord’s Supper. 

Get to Know Us

One of the things that are important at Christ Church is teaching rooted in the truth of Holy Scripture. In his messages, our priest is faithful to “the faith that was delivered to the saints once for all (Jude 1:3).” You can follow the link below to browse our sermon library and see for yourself. It is our hope you are blessed by these sermons.

About our Music

Anglican Church services start with a procession hymn with music continuing throughout the service. The service ends with a recessional hymn. Our gifted musicians and singers will provide a spiritually moving musical foundation for everyone to join in.  It’s all for glorifying and experiencing the grace of God.

Other FAQs

Those who come to our church come in everything from shorts and flip flops to dresses, jeans and cowboy boots – so come in whatever you’re comfortable wearing! We’re just happy and blessed for you to join us! We’re sure that you’ll fit in no matter how you dress.

When you visit an Anglican church, you will be our respected and welcome guest. You will not be singled out in an embarrassing way, nor asked to stand before the congregation nor to come forward. You will worship God with us. Should you wish to know more about the Anglican church or how one becomes an Anglican, the priest will gladly answer your questions and suggest the way to membership.

As our guest, there is no expectation to give any money.  We will have an offering during the service, but we encourage you to let the baskets go by. The offering is a way for the Christ Church members and family to respond to God and join the mission of the church through their giving. If you’re new, we don’t expect you to give. Our service is a gift to you.

If you do consider Christ Church your church home, please prayerfully consider regular giving. You can give by check or cash at weekend services or you can give through PayPal


If You Have More Questions